The attacker withdrew $1.26 million from the cryptolending Solend protocol

The developers of the Solend cryptolanding protocol based on Solana reported an attack on three credit pools, which led “to a bad debt of $ 1.26 million.”

“An oracle [manipulation] attack on USDH has been detected, affecting the isolated pools of Stable, Coin98 and Kamino. […] The affected pools are disabled, the exchanges are notified of the attacker’s address,” the message says.

The protocol team added that an unknown person took advantage of the problem in the price oracle of the project.

Solend has not yet published a detailed report on the incident.

Recall that in October, an unknown person withdrew digital assets worth about $ 116 million from the Mango Markets trading and credit DeFi platform based on Solana.

The head of the FTX crypto exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, said that it was not the incorrect operation of price oracles that allowed the attacker to carry out the attack, but the shortcomings of the risk assessment system.